Deadly Angels
When Hugh finds a scribbled note in Toby’s oesophagus during post-mortem, he contacts controversial DCI Thirsk and refers the untimely death to the coroner. In a neighbouring hospital, a ninety year old woman dies, and with a million pound inheritance going solely to one son, the other son suspects foul play and demands a post-mortem. A pulmonary embolism is the cause of death, which is inconsistent with her lifestyle, and the case is also referred to the coroner. Meanwhile, rumours are abound that two nurses are mistreating their patients, and another unexplained death heightens Thirsk’s suspicions, but Superintendent Fitzpatrick, whose friend is high on the hospital board, refuses to allow an investigation, trusting the hospital to do an internal inquiry. It’s only when Hugh arranges for a nurse friend, Angela, to work as a stooge alongside the rogue nurses that the sickening and sinister truth begins to emerge…


Unlikely Killer
Usually a serial killer will have a modus operandi that can lead to their capture. This one is breaking all the rules. It takes a journalist’s keen eye to grasp the terrifying truth. This killer is recreating infamous murders from history. Despite researching historical murders in an attempt to catch the killer in the act, the police are repeatedly outwitted. With the Jack the Ripper murders next on the agenda, a bloodbath seems inevitable. The clock is ticking and the killer increasingly frenzied…

Rings of Death
Sammy Cooper, a keen runner and registered to run the Raymouth Marathon, goes missing days before her nineteenth birthday and, due to her involvement with a seedy councillor, the details of her uncharacteristic disappearance hit the news, forcing the police to bring forward their standard inquiries. Meddling reporter, Nancy Blaine, is like a dog with a bone, and as more girls disappear and other missing girls are linked to the case, her dwindling career advances rapidly with her revealing front-page articles. But she’s stepping on the official investigation and her chaotic stirring angers the police. With the Raymouth Marathon looming, and its organisers adamant that they won’t cancel the race, the identity of the kidnapper is discovered and the investigation takes a sickening turn…
Black Park
Toni Fowler discovers the decomposing body of a baby in a local nature reserve and, although the case goes cold, the identity of the child a mystery, she is unable to let it rest. Ten years later she has joined the police force with a burning desire to re-open the case. When the body of six-year old Melissa is also found in Black Park after being abducted from her school, DCI Thirsk cannot ignore the similarities between her death and the baby’s, but plagued by deceit and misinformation, his search for the truth – and justice – seems less likely by the day…
Bonfire Night
Under the cover of the bonfire night celebrations, a young and troubled mother is shot dead and her murder is remarkably similar to three murders thirty years before. DCI Butler and his colleague, Jeff Mason, are sure that the murders are somehow linked, but when Jeff’s deceased father comes under suspicion for the first three shootings, and his brother for the latest, he is removed from the investigation. In his desperate attempts to clear the family name, he begins to discover that there are more dirty skeletons in the cupboard than he could ever have imagined…


Hopes Vengeance
Hope is a woman like no other. She is a pocket dynamo, a bundle of energy, drive and ambition. But underneath the surface Hope is hurting and as her self-esteem sinks ever lower she finally seeks some answers to the questions she cannot even begin to ask. As Hope’s counsellor, Dawn is unprepared for the rollercoaster ride that Hope will take her on. For Hope is not a force to be taken on lightly and it will take all of Dawn s professionalism and skill to guide Hope through to recovery and understanding. As Dawn increasingly suspects that there have been dark times in Hope’s past that not even she can recall, the relationship between client and counsellor becomes more strained and dangerous.


Bloody Mary
Mary is a bitter woman who loves to meddle in other people’s business. But her manipulative world is thrown into turmoil when a face from the past returns and a rival is killed under mysterious circumstances. Taking advantage of the situation, Mary sets out to reclaim her lost true love and attain the happy family life she has always longed for. But someone is watching and is out to satisfy a deep-rooted revenge, threatening to destroy everything and everyone Mary holds dear. As the stakes rise, the two are thrown towards a violent and devastating finale.